Energy formed in February of 2006 in the town of Stoughton, Massachusetts. Over the last decade, Energy’s signature style of somber, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics combined with infectiously poppy hooks has truly cemented them as one of Boston’s most unique bands.

Over the years, frontman Jason Tankerley (aka Tank)’s vocal delivery has been compared to the likes of Davey Havok, Michale Graves, and Zoli Teglas while adding his own vast array of vocal influences to Energy’s music.

After independently releasing their 2006 E.P. “Punch The Clock”, the band immediately developed a cult following nation wide and signed with Boston’s own “Bridge 9 Records” to release their 2008 full length album “Invasions Of The Mind”, as well as their 2010 E.P. “Walk Into The Fire”. 

After becoming the sole songwriter for the band in 2012, Tank began writing songs for what would eventually make up Energy’s 2016 album “Apparition Sound”.

Throughout the years, Energy have shared the stage with bands such as Creeper, Ignite, Michale Graves, Converge, Modern Life Is War, Darkbuster, Ducky Boys Hostage Calm, Comeback Kid, Blacklisted, Cold World, Shipwreck A.D., Evergreen Terrace, Sick Of It All, Big D & The Kids Table, Agnostic Front, The Unseen, The Casualties, Terror, This Is Hell, Trapped Under Ice, Have Heart, along with having toured with the likes of Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, H2O, Bane, Cruel Hand, Slapshot, The Wonder Years, A Loss For Words, Defeater, and many more.

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Photographer: Meghan Caseau