Invasions Of The Mind is the 11 song, debut full length album from the band Energy. It was recorded by Chris Curran at Webster Lake Studios in May/June of 2008, produced by Chris Curran and Mike Rendini, mixed by Jay Maas at Getaway Recordings, and was released through Bridge 9 Records on September 30th, 2008. 

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"Energy's Invasions Of The Mind is the debut full-length from the Boston area band. Taking wide range of influences from the Misfits, Ignite, AFI, Bad Religion and Dag Nasty, Invasions Of The Mind is its own modern, memorable album that shows its influences with a unique and identifiable spin. 11 songs winding in and out of fast, hardcore tempos to dynamic, layered, 3-part harmonies and brooding instrumentals that will all get hammered into your skull the first time you hear them. Invasions Of The Mind is one of the most suprising debut albums in recent memory."